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  Use your OWN unique domain name.

1.You can purchase a unique domain name direct from a Domain Registrar
(skip this step if you already have your own domain name and go to 2 below.)

in the form of ANY AVAILABLE NAME YOU LIKE. For example: www.happynotebroker.com .

Cost to you will be between $6.99 and $35 a year. We recommend and use Hostway, who charge just $6.99 per year. But there are many companies that can be used to register your domain name.

 We will create your web site for you at the domain name of your choice.

See if your choice of name is available. A new window will open, please close it when done and continue below.

2. Once you have a domain name registered to you.

Once you have registered your name, you will need to point the name to our servers. This is very simple to do. Here's how:

How to direct your unique domain name to our servers.

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