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Terms and conditions:
  1. We will try to have your web site on line and working for 99% of the time or better. But like any other web service provide we cannot guarantee 100% up-time and will not be responsible for any losses, compensation or damages in the event your site is down. for any reason
  2. We will not permit the use of any site for the sending of unsolicited mail, often known as spam. Any person found doing so will have their web site taken down and no refund for any unused periods.
  3. The same applies to anyone publishing anything obscene, containing nudity,  foul language, illegal, promoting racial hatred, attacking or otherwise offensive to www.buysnotes.com, www.buyscashflows.com, www.mortgage-investments.com, www.notebuyers.org or any of our associated companies.
  4. Any litigation arising from this agreement to be decided in Hillsborough County, Florida.
  5. We will make every attempt to keep future costs to $139 per year, and we guarantee this rate for all renewals up to December 2006, but reserve the right after then to make increases in line with rising costs and expenses, at our discretion. You will of course be given at least 1 months notice of increases, if any.
  6. This web site is the property of Norman J. Linton who reserves all copyright in its content.
  7. We will create a small link back to this web site. This is essential for copyright and spam reporting. You may not remove or alter it.
  8. In the event your payment is declined by PayPal, we reserve the right to terminate service to you.
  9. Your web site will be renewed every year. In the event your payment is declined or we do not receive your payment at least 7 days before the anniversary of your original order, we reserve the right to terminate your web site with no further liability to either party.
  10. You agree to conduct your business in a legal fashion and not in a way that in our sole discretion, brings our name, or that of our associated companies into disrepute.


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