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What do I get for my money?

All web design, email, technical support and web hosting for one year is included. You have up to 6 pages.
bulletAn introductory page about yourself
bulletFrequently Asked Questions page for your clients
bulletUp to four quotation forms for clients to return. There are forms for sellers of Real Estate notes, Boat/Car Paper, Business notes and lottery/viatical/other cash flows forms.
bulletThere is a program included to allow your clients to click a button and refer you to a friend.
bulletYou even have a professional email address for people to write to.
bulletIn short, everything you need for a professional presence on the World Wide Web. Order your Web Site Now!

Is it Expensive?

Web site hosting alone typically costs over $200 a year.
Then you have to design your site. You can spend months learning html, JavaScript, PERL, ASP and other programming languages or you could pay thousands to a design team to do it for you.
We do it all for you from just $99 a year including site design and hosting.
You just choose the background and the unique things you want to say about you.  Order your Web Site Now!

What if I want to cancel?

You may cancel your web site at any time and receive a full refund of the remainder of the money you have paid, subject to a minimum cost of $39.
Example 1: If you paid for 12 months and canceled after 6 months you would receive a refund of $69.50. ($139X 6 months /12 months =$69.50).
Example 2: If you paid $396 for 4 years and canceled after 1 year you would get back $396-$139 (the one year price) and so on.
 Order your Web Site Now!

How difficult is the setup?

It will take you less than 15 minutes. You simply fill out  one simple form and your information is sent to us. We create your web site for you. Usually within one to two  business days.  Order your Web Site Now!

Do I need to know html?

No! We do everything for you! All you need to do to create your web site is fill out one simple form.  Order your Web Site Now!

Do I need to use ftp or FrontPage?

No! Even if you want to make your own changes later, they are easy and intuitive. Once happy with your changes you just press the Publish button and your web pages are automatically uploaded to the server. But you have no need to ever bother to do this if you don't want to.  Order your Web Site Now!

Will I be able to use my own logo and/or photo?

Yes! Just and we will do it for you. Or, if you prefer you can  add them yourself with the greatest of ease.

How long will it take me to set up my site?

Your web site  will be available to the public all over the world within just one to two business days. Order your web site Now!

I already have a web site/domain name, can I still use your service?
bulletYes. You can order this web site as an extra source of business,
bulletor you can forward your existing web site domain name to your professional one set up with us. This will mean you will be able to save your web hosting fees. To learn how to do this, click here. We make NO CHARGE to forward your web site to your new site with us.

I would like to have my own domain name

Some customers want that extra uniqueness of having their own domain name like www.johndoe.com.  You can have ANY OTHER AVAILABLE DOMAIN NAME YOU LIKE and we will build your web site for you at that address. The only extra cost is $6.95 a year to register the new domain on the World Wide Web.  This money is paid directly to the domain registrar, who are not associated with us.

Do I have to change my email address or ISP?

No. We forward all your email to your existing email address at AOL, Earthlink or any other email address.

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