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There are a couple of other companies out there who will build and host your note buying site.

One of them charges $397 a year (3 times our price).

The other charges a mind-blowing $2,000 to create your site (a special offer they told us, the usual price is $4,000). And that is only after taking their note buying course for some $5,000. PLUS $180 a year thereafter.

Well we're much less expensive but are our sites as good? In fact they're better!

First of all they make you use an amateurish web site name like:


Not only is this hard to remember, anyone who knows anything about the Internet knows that you don't really have your own web site. They can go straight to the master site by just backspacing over your name. Our web site names look like they belong to you.

You can even register ANY OTHER AVAILABLE DOMAIN NAME YOU LIKE and we will set this up as your name for your web site. (This costs an extra $6.95 a year for registration fees that you pay directly to the domain registrar. Not associated with us.)

Secondly, we give you an excellent choice of backgrounds. They have either no choice at all or a boring choice.

Third, we create and upload the site for you. You just tell us what you want your personal info to say.

Forth, we set up a special program to let your viewers recommend your web site to others.

Fifth, we are the ONLY company to offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Order your own buysnotes or buyscashflows web site now from just $99 a year.

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